Monday 1 January 2024

Top 5 Alcohol-Free Beer Alternatives

Embrace Dry January with non-alcoholic beers that rival the real thing! Discover the London Bierfest's top 5 non-alcoholic beer alternatives to help you survive the month.

Top 5 Alcohol-Free Beer Alternatives

Once more, the season of Dry January is upon us – a full month without indulging in the delightful nectar of beer. While this time of year may have once been met with trepidation, the rise of non-alcoholic beer, many of which are almost mistakeable for the real thing, may make it a little bit easier this year. So read on to find out the London Bierfest’s top 5 recommendations for Dry January survival!

Erdinger Alkohofrei

Our first pick is a white beer, also known as weissbier, a variety becoming increasingly favoured in Bavaria. This is a particular favourite of ours as this pairs well with traditional German food such as Bratwurst and mustard. For us, what sets this beer apart from other AF beers, is the classic foamy head, reminiscent of your favourite alcoholic brew. This is a definite winner for us! 

Lucky Saint

A close second has to be Lucky Saint – a brew with a bright golden hue, and a subtle haze to it. Similarly to the Erdinger Alkoholfrei, you get a small head when pouring, and this one also doesn’t disappear straight away. The only downfall of this beer is that the consistency is slightly on the thin side, although one might argue that all the flavour outweighs this! 

Brewdog Punk IPA Alcohol-Free

Having produced a couple of successful alcohol-free beers now, Brewdog had to make our top 5. Brewdog’s Punk IPA Alcohol-Free is a version of their popular Punk IPA, maintaining the hop-forward character with citrus pine, and tropical fruit notes. It’s a well-rounded experience, less bitter than its alcoholic brother, but equally as golden in colour. This is definitely one to try!

Heineken Non-Alcoholic

In 2017, this was launched by Heineken N.V., the second-largest brewer in the world. The flavour is pretty loyal to the real thing and also has a similar aroma and appearance. Although it may be hard to maintain the carbonation of a non-alcoholic alternative, this still offers the clean and refreshing aftertaste that we know and love. 

Days Lager

Days lager pours like an amber ale, although the carbonisation isn’t great, and the head quickly reduces to a small ring of bubbles on top. Flavour-wise, there are complex aromas of caramel, honey, sage lemon and passionfruit on the tongue, which are pleasant, and the body is pretty thick, much like alcoholic beer. Unlike the other beers we’ve reviewed which are 0.5% ABV, this one is completely alcohol-free (0.0% ABV) so if that’s an important factor for you, this is probably your best bet. 


So whether you’re participating in Dry January, or just fancy a break from the booze, hopefully our recommendations will make finding an alternative a little bit easier.

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