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The London Bierfest

ABK is the official beer supplier to the London Bierfest. Prost!

ABK Beer is a 700-year-old, hand-crafted Bavarian beer brewed in Germany since 1308. It is synonymous with heritage and innovation - using techniques passed down from generation to generation to ensure the highest quality, with only the finest local barley, hops, yeast and the purest water used to create a truly authentic taste of Bavaria.


A smooth 4.2% ABV Pilsner with intense straw yellow colour and a robust hoppy taste, which is light and fresh for easy drinking. Brewed using Tettanger and Hallertauer hops.


A well-balanced 5.0% ABV hoppy, malty, bottom-fermented and full-bodied Munich style ‘Helles’. A multi award winning Lager including ‘International Beer Challenge Supreme Champion 2018’. A jewel in the crown of Bavarian brewing.


A Munich style Dunkel Dark Beer with 5.0% ABV. Brewed using the finest Hallertauer hops, this gloriously dark, rich, fruity and aromatic beer is top-fermented with wonderful notes of caramel and dark chocolate.


A full bodied 5.8% intense, crisp and refreshing Dortmunder style Pilsner that’s packed with flavour. A pale straw colour with golden hints and a velvety white frothy head which reduces gently to some light lacing.


A top fermented 5.3% ABV, fruity and aromatic Weissbier with a wonderful honey yellow colour and natural yeast cloudiness. This Weissbier is easy drinking with soft flora flavours.


A very refreshing 2.8% ABV beer made of 50% Dortmunder style Edel and 50% Organic Lemonade. The story goes that a German Innkeeper was waiting for his cyclist visitors, when he discovered that he didn’t have enough beer, so he blended what beer he had with organic lemonade and thus ‘Radler’ was created.

London Bierfest

Book your places now for 2023!

A Bavarian-style beer festival in the heart of London; Bierfest is buzzing with live music, unlimited beer steins, dancing, authentic German catering, and a host of entertainment. Bookings are available for a minimum of 8 guests, with prices starting at just £169 per guest!

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