Wednesday 20 December 2023

The Ultimate Christmas Dinner Beer Pairings

During the Christmas season, beer tends to take a backseat to wines, which are more easily paired with all of the traditional festive foods. However we're here to help, with all the best beer pairings for you to enjoy over the holiday season. Read on to find out more!

Beer Pairings for Your Christmas Feast

It only feels like yesterday we were raising our steins for the London Bierfest. Two months on, and Christmas is already here! Rest assured, we’re here to make sure you still get your beer fix over the festive season, and we’ve come up with the perfect beer pairings for all the Christmas delights you will be tucking into.

Starter: White Beer

Enhance your smoked salmon and seafood starter with a light and crisp white beer, such as Camden Gentleman’s Wit or Hennepin by Brewery Ommegang. These choices complement the delicate flavours, allowing them to shine without being overwhelmed. These are great refreshing alternatives to the traditional prosecco pairing.

Main Course: Amber or Ruby Ale

For turkey, go for a beer that adds character and moisture without overpowering the flavours. Consider Samuel Adams Boston Lager (4.9%) with its caramel essence that complements the roast turkey, or another option is Meantime’s Yakima Red, a ruby ale whose hops and fruity notes balance the richness of the trimmings and enhance the turkey’s taste.

Dessert: Porter or Stout

Pair your decadent dessert, with indulgent, complex flavours. The Mena Dhu stout from St Austell Brewery is a perfect match with flavours of smoked oak, coffee, chocolate and liquorice. Or, try Meantime’s silky Chocolate Porter, for a delicious pairing for your Christmas dessert. 


Cheese Board: Pale Ale

Although the natural pairing for a cheese board is wine, that isn’t to say that one can’t enjoy it with beer too! Pale Ales make a great pairing, as their hop flavours balance the richness of the cheese, whilst the biscuity malt notes harmonize well with the crackers. IPAs are also excellent companions for a cheese board, especially when paired with high-quality English cheeses like Cheddar or Red Leicester.

So there you have it! We hope this guide helps you to enjoy your favourite drink that little bit more this festive season.

Merry Christmas from the London Bierfest!

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