About | The London Bierfest - 18th & 19th October 2018 - Old Billingsgate Market

The London Bierfest - 18th & 19th October 2018 - Old Billingsgate Market

London Bierfest

17th - 18th Oktober 2019

Old Billingsgate Market



Bierfest brings a taste of Bavaria to London

Taking place on 18 – 19 Oktober 2018, The London Bierfest is the capital’s answer to Munich’s Oktoberfest. Since its launch in 2003, The London Bierfest has become a must-attend corporate event in The City of London. Each day over 2,100 revellers enjoy the relaxed hospitality and fun atmosphere of this unique experience. With fantastic entertainment and brilliant live music, the event is one not to be missed. Table service by our team of Heidi’s, Helga’s and Helmut’s providing unlimited steins of beer and authentic German food means no queues or waiting around, so attendees can fully engage with each other throughout the evenings.

A thoroughly enjoyable day with our clients at The Bierfest in London. Great venue with exceptional customer service and great live music, it’s a must for 2018.

The venue is Old Billingsgate Market; a London landmark located just minutes from London bridge underground station along the River Thames, and firmly part of London’s heritage. This iconic, Victorian Grade II listed building has been transformed from Billingsgate Fish Market into one of the most sought-after event spaces in London, making it the perfect location for The London Bierfest.